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18.9.2017 od 18:00 hod.
Monet – Toulky v Chaily
21.9.2017 od 18hod.
Josef Kote – dívčí portrét
27.9. 2017 od 18 hod.
jednoduchá krajinka
In 1863 Monet left Gleyre’s studio with his friend Bazille and embarked on a pilgrimage to the favourite location of previous landscape artists of the Barbizon school – the Forest of Fontainebleau. There, he was able to rediscover the whole range of familiar themes that had been celebrated for several decades, including the Pavé de Chailly, a vast avenue of almost architectural proportions which acted as a gateway to the forest. He thus had the opportunity to work harder than ever at painting en plein air. According to his friend, Monet was at that point ‘pretty good at landscapes’, thanks to a well-established practice of painting from nature which he began in his native Normandy under his first master, Boudin. This painting, which still shows the influences of the Barbizon landscape artists and the realism of Courbet, was accepted by the Salon in 1866.  Medek Chalupy